WARNING: Zombie Policy Ahead

Maybe it's just my dark and twisted sense of humor, but I find it slightly funny when someone hacks a traffic control sign with the message "ZOMBIES AHEAD." It's probably not so funny to the person stuck at the back of the line in the resulting traffic jam though. Less humorous (because of potential panic and such), but along the same lines is the recent emergency broadcast system hack(s) warning of zombie attacks.

What I don't find funny is the seemingly endless night-of-the-living-dead cybersecurity legislation. Apparently, we are doomed to repeat our insane history by doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. The Congressional graveyard of dead cybersecurity bills is coming back to life. Zombie bills are breaking through the soil and slowly ambling their way around the beltway seeking brains.

I'm sure someone somewhere has a comprehensive list of these dead cybersecurity bills, but from my own rough estimate it's at least a hundred of them in the past few years. What troubles me more is that we already have a rather significant foundation of cybersecurity legislation, regulation or otherwise legally oriented mumbling. I ask a simple question… Do we need new legislation/regulation or can we more effectively enforce (or maybe even refine) what we already have?

My hunch is that we won't make it out of 2013 without seeing at least one new cybersecurity law passing. Another prediction is that whatever we get will focus squarely on critical infrastructure.

If you've got skin in this game, now is the time to grab your virtual pitchfork and torch and storm the legislative castle (figuratively, not for real of course). By this, I mean use the power of your voice to create your future. If we're going to get zombie policy whether we like it or not, we should at least do our best to get something we can live with. That won't happen unless smart, informed people get involved and actually talk to Congressional staff. I know, I know… you're afraid that what you say can and will be used against you. Yep. It probably will. But we can't solve this problem with the same thinking that got us to where we are. The only way out is through. Together.

Here's the counterargument. If you don't engage you'll be labeled as "disinterested," "unresponsive," "apathetic," etc. If you do engage, and all you say is the same thing you've always said, you are no different than they are and you're essentially a zombie too. Something about a pot and a kettle should come to mind. Simply put, if you don't participate - in a meaningful and newly creative way - then you can't complain about what you get.

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